On-Demand Webinar: Reduce Risk and Increase Productivity with Robotic Soldering

By Metcal Marketing on Jul 30, 2019 2:00:00 PM

Hand Soldering is a much more involved process than we think. And because hand-soldered components are used in planes, cars, and medical devices, is there enough emphasis on the quality of a solder joint? Robotic soldering is a way to improve the consistency and accuracy of these processes.

Last month, Metcal's Regional Sales Manager, Ed Zamborsky and Product Engineer, Isaac Cisneros,  hosted the Reduce Risk and Increase Productivity with Robotic Soldering webinar in partnership with Engineering360 powered by GlobalSpec.  

Key Takeaways

  • Review the key techniques of how to make a soldered connection
  • Discover the limitations of robotic soldering
  • Examine the process for creating a robotic soldering profile
  • Understand how to implement robotic soldering in your facility

You can view it on-demand today to learn more about robotic soldering.

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Robotic Soldering

Metcal has introduced a user-friendly, benchtop soldering robot that is intuitive to use and program. Much like using an iPad, the user interacts with a touchscreen interface to provide details such as dwell times, delays, lengths of solder feeds, and angles of attack to provide the best quality joint, repeatedly.

Utilizing another of Metcal's intuitive features, the user program's the robot in 'Connection Validation (CV) Mode,' a method that eliminates user-determined dwell times and calculates the intermetallic bond formation based on calculations and algorithms provided within the software. This feature communicates with the robot when each individual joint has received enough power for reflow and moves along the process accordingly.

Contact us today to discuss your application, and see if Robotic Soldering is right for you.

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