Evaluating Performance for Adjustable Soldering Systems

By Curtis Yamauchi on May 15, 2020 6:17:02 PM

When looking at performance for hand soldering in electronics manufacturing, Operations Engineers need to be very focused on three key metrics: time to temperature, dwell time and thermal recovery. These three metrics together will identify the best soldering product for the production line and will help maximize throughput and lower scrap in the process.

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Solder Joint Panel with SMT Magazine

By Robert Roush on Oct 31, 2017 7:25:21 AM

Our own Robert Roush recently joined a panel on the challenges of proper solder joints with Indium Corporation’s Brook Sandy-Smith, technical support engineer, Andrew Nunenkamp, director of engineering at MC Assembly, and Vince Burns, quality engineer and an IPC Certified Trainer.

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Introducing High Thermal Demand Upgrade Kit

By Metcal Marketing on Jul 27, 2017 6:38:54 AM

Turn your Metcal MX-Series soldering station into a powerhouse! Have some applications where your current tips and handpieces are not getting the job done? Maybe it's a really thick board, or maybe some other type of heavy thermal demand connection. 

That's why we've recently released the new High Thermal Demand Hand Piece.  If you're having to turn to up the heat to dangerous levels, or spend extra time over a pre-heater, grab the new RED iron from Metcal. Your operators will love the ergonomic, lightweight handpiece, improved power transfer, and the temperature control your Metcal MX-Series soldering station provides.

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