Protect your Solder Tip Investment - Introducing Metcal Solder Tip Cleaner

Oct 26, 2017 12:07:00 AM

Solder Tip Cleaner

Solder tips represent a major part of the total cost of ownership for a soldering system. Your operator's choice of tip, use of a solder sleeper stand, and the method and frequency of tip cleaning and replacement all can play a part in your solder tip consumable costs.

Oxidation of the tip degrades performance by creating a barrier that decreases the thermal transfer of the heat to the solder joint. This barrier slows performance and if not corrected will cause the operator to damage the tip. Proper tip care is essential to maximize the life of the tip.

Many companies use damp sponges or brass pads to clean their solder tips, but now there's a better and faster way. Metcal’s new automatic Solder Tip Cleaner removes oxidation and extends the life of the solder tip. By placing the tip into the opening, the tip cleaner senses the tip and automatically activates a set of spinning brushes to thoroughly clean the solder tip and save the operator time and your money.

The replaceable brush system pulls excess solder away from the tip into a removable collection tray for clean and easy recycling while removing oxidation from the tip. A splashguard prevents FOD from escaping the collection area. The unit ships with a universal AC power adapter that ensures the unit is ready for use.

With a small footprint and easy and quick cleanup, you're all set to help preserve the life of your solder tips!

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Written by Metcal Marketing